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Download Autotext for android

Look at the text at the top is great, not only are able to use the blackberry autotxt, withAndroid we can do it … no matter who steps we need to do to install is as follows:

- Instal Smartkeyboard Pro Lates Here >>  Download

- Download Backup.zip autotext >> Download 

- Install Smart keyboard-pro and open settings backup settings - backup to sdcard (bring up the backup folder on the sdcard smartkeyboard pro)

- Replace  The original Backup smartkeyboard pros who’ve we downloaded earlier.

- Then go to  setting – language&keyboard – smartkeyboardPro  – backup setting – restore from sdcard (to rostore file backuup.zipto folder smartkeyboad Pro)

Setting Your  Smartkeyboard Pro :

  1. Auto capitalization (Check)
  2. Show sugestion (Check)
  3. Auto compate (Check)
  4. Space after picking (Check)
  5. Always sugest (Check)
  6. Others do not in check
after restoring the file into columns backup.zip text message and activate by pressing a long time and select the input method with smartkeyboard pro ..
to see kode2 autotext’y Open settings - language & keyboard - smartkeyboardPro - textprediction - custom autotext will appear predictive words such as the image above.

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